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Design and Construction of an Automatic Security System of a Door Using RFID Technology

Publication Date - 2020-06-01 00:00:00

Project Title : Design and Construction of an Automatic Security System of a Door Using RFID Technology

Publicationed By : Md Mahbubur Rahman

Project Publication Date : 2020-06-01 00:00:00

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Project Description :

The significant problems in the present society are robbery, crime, and theft that increase. This raises the access control system issue. Any system that controls the entrance and exit  to those who have been authorized may be called an access control system.  The most common method of security which all of us are familiar with is the traditional lock and  key arrangement [3]. It is fine for small applications but has a number of pitfalls, especially in  application where there is a large number of users or common doors. There are several options to  replace the traditional method as a security system of a door. Firstly, the magnetic access card  may be thought of as an electronic "key". Each access card is uniquely encoded. But it is costly  as compared with the economic condition in Bangladesh. Secondly, Access control keypads are  devices that may be used in addition to or in place of card readers. The keypad requires that a  person desiring to gain access enter correct numeric code. Where access control keypads are  used in place of card readers, only a correct code is required to gain entry. This system is also  known as the barcode system. But, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), one of the promising  technologies, that has been widely applied to access control and security systems [4]. RFID  is a leading automatic identification technology. RFID is a technology that helps to identify the  animate or inanimate through radio waves [5]. A properly selected security system can overcome  these problems and can be integrated with other systems to provide a more rounded overall  security solution [6].  This project will design a security and access control system using RFID technology. The system  is comprised of three modules namely entrance monitoring, exit monitoring, and mess  monitoring. These modules communicate to the computer system through the main controller. After  the information from these modules is processed by the computer, the control commands are  issued to the modules for granting or denying access to the user.

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