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Clustering Electricity Consumption Patterns with I-nice Approach

Publication Date - 2020-06-14 00:00:00

Project Title : Clustering Electricity Consumption Patterns with I-nice Approach

Publicationed By : Dr. Md Abdul Masud

Project Publication Date : 2020-06-14 00:00:00

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Funded by Research and Training Center, PSTU. The fiscal year 2019-20. The total Budget 65,000 BTK.

In this study, we use the power consumption of manufacturing factories as load profile data. The load profile data represent power consumption behaviors that may change during the study time. For example, the consumption patterns during public vacation may differ from regular time. An industry sector can consume different power consumption over time. The electricity consumption of an industry sector represents the production figure. The production figure mainly depends on production demand, weather conditions, and public vacation. For discovering the structure of clusters on power consumptions, we use a new data stream clustering algorithm I-niceStream, a I-nice method and recently proposed by us.

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