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Admission Notice for MS Course


Application for admission into Master degree (MS) courses in January-June 2016 Session under the following departments is invited:


1) Agricultural Botany 2) Agricultural Chemistry 3) Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 4) Agroforestry 5) Agronomy  6) Entomology 7) Horticulture  8)  Plant Pathology  9)  Soil Science    10) Genetics and Plant Breeding 11) Biochemistry and Food Analysis 12) Aquaculture13) Fisheries Technology 14) Fishires Biology and Genetics 15) Marine Fishires and Oceanography 16)  Resource Management   17) Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics (MS in Medicine and MS in Theriogenology) 18) Microbiology and Public Health  (MS in Microbiology and MS in Veterinary Public Health and Food Hygiene) & 19) Physiology and Pharmacology (MS in Physiology and MS in Pharmacology)


Procedure for Application: Prescribed form of application for admission and consent letter may be collected from PSTU website ( and submitted to the Dean, PGS with necessary documents within 31st December, 2016.


Required Documents:

01. Prescribed form of Application for Admission

02. Attested three passport size lab print photo

03. Attested copies of all certificates

04. Attested copies of all transcripts/mark sheets

05. Character certificate (Testimonial) from head of the institution (last attended)

06. Consent letter from proposed supervisor

07. Bank draft/Pay order (non-refundable five hundred taka) in favor of Dean (PGS), PSTU from any branch of Rupali Bank Limited

08. Consent letter from respective employer mentioning assurance of leave (only for in-service candidates).


Admission Requirements:

01.  Candidates for admission in MS study program must possess a Bachelor of Science or DVM degree from this University or an equivalent degree from other university including an MBBS degree.

02.  Candidates having passed Bachelor degree in Course-Credit system must have secured a minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4.0 or 3.5 out of 5.0 and a B- grade (GPA 2.75)/ 50% marks in annual system in the pre-requisite course(s) on average.

03.  Candidates having passed a Bachelor degree in Annual Course system must have secured a minimum of 50% of total marks and 55% in the concerned subject.

04.  Those who are in-service with relevant field must have secured a minimum of 45% of total marks or second class or grade point 2.5 out of 4.0.

05.  The eligibility of a candidate having degree from any other University shall be assessed by the Eligibility Committee consisting of the proposed supervisor, the concerned chairman of the department and the Dean, PGS.

06.  A candidate for admission in MS program for specialization in Biochemistry and Food Analysis must have studied and passed the relevant paper/course(s) carrying at least 4(four) credit hours (150 marks in annual system), at the Bachelor of Science degree of this university or an equivalent degree including MBBS from other recognized institutions.

07.  An in-service candidate, if selected for admission must obtain necessary clearance and study leave or deputation for the stipulated period from his/her employer in order to be eligible for admission.

08.  Admission of students in MS study program shall be approved by the Dean, PGS on recommendation of the respective Academic Committee on the basis of their academic performance and satisfactory conduct at the Bachelor degree study/ in a service.

09.  The number of students to be admitted in a department at any particular semester will be decided by the respective Academic Committee on the basis of availability of teaching and research facilities in the department.

10.  Candidates for admission in MS degree program in January-June, 2016 session shall get themselves admitted in 10th and 11th January 2016 and shall pay the necessary fees including examination fees as per the University Rules.

11.  A candidate having degree from any other University, if selected for admission, must submit migration certificate from his/her University to be eligible for admission. 


Other Informations:

01.  List of selected students will be announced on or before 6th -7th January, 2016

02.  Class start: 12th  January, 2016

03.  At the time of admission, students must submit their original documents

04.  Incomplete application will be stand cancelled






(Professor Dr. Swadesh Chandra Samanta)


Postgraduate Studies


 Download Admission Notice for MS Course-2015.pdf