Undergraduate Program
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 1. Degree offered

Following undergraduate degrees are offered by different Faculties of PSTU:
1.   Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Honours) [B.Sc.Ag. (Hons.)}
2.   Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering [B.Sc. Engg. (CSE)]
3.   Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
4.   Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (Honours) [B.Sc. Fisheries (Hons.)]
5.   Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
6.   Bachelor of Science in Disaster Management (Honours) [B.Sc. DM. (Hons.)]
7.   Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science (Honours) [B.Sc. NFS . (Hons.)]
8.   Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry B.Sc. Animal (Honours) [ B. Sc AH  (Hons.)

9.   Bachelor of Science in Land Management and Administration B.Sc. Land Management and Administration (Honours) [ B. Sc LMA  (Hons.) 
5. Academic calendar
An academic calendar will be published at the beginning of the semister/session mentioning the academic schedule like date of semester  begin,  enrolment, mid semister examination, final  examination and re-enrollment etc. along with the list of national and optional  holidays.
9. Admission requirement
9.1. The students shall be admitted as per the existing rules of        the University to the level-1, semester-1.
9.2.1  A Student after Admission into L-1 ,S-1 shall have to sit for the Class test in all Courses with the requisite class Attendance of Minimum of 60%, failing which his/her admission Shall be Cancelled
9.2.2 A student after admission into L-1, S-1 shall have to sit for the class test in all courses with the requisite class attendance of minimum of 60%, failing which his/her admission shall be cancelled.
9. Admission requirement
9.2.3. A student must submit his/her original  certificates at the time of admission into L-1 s-1. He /she may draw the certificates for a maximum period of 15 days against  a refundable deposit of taka 5000.00 (five thousand only) which will be forfeited if the certificates are not returned in time. In such case his/her admission shall stand cancelled.
9.2.4  A student after admission into L-1 S-1 will be allow to cancelled his/her admission by paying taka 5000.00 as admission Cancelletion charge.
9.3  A student under certain specific condition might be allowed withdrawal from a semester and re-admission in the next academic year as detailed in clause 20.
9.4. A student shall get registered in each of the semesters on payment of necessary fees and shall be entitled to Course Record Card issued by the Dean of the Faculty.
9.5. Each student shall be given an ID number with seven digits - first two digits referring to the year of admission (e.g. 03 for 2003), next two digits the degree code(Three digits the degree code of ANSVM faculty only), such as -
9. Admission requirement
9. Admission requirement
and the last three digits (commencing with 001) will be the roll number given to a student on first admission. The ID number of a student shall be carried in all semesters as his/her permanent class and exam roll number.
12. Course registration
At the time of registration in a particular semester each student shall complete five copies of a Course Record Card as designed by the Dean of the Faculty.
 After countersignature of the Dean, the card shall be maintained by the student himself/herself, the office of the Dean, Academic Section and Controller of Examinations shall keep a copy.
13. Marks distribution
13.1 Each course, Theory or Practical, irrespective of credit hours shall be evaluated on 100 marks basis for the convenience of assigning letter grade and grade point. The distribution of marks for a given course will be as follows:
13. Marks distribution
13.2 Marks for class attendance shall be allotted on the basis of the following criteria:
15.4 Class attendance:
The total class attendance of students as compiled by the course teacher(s) shall be sent to the Dean within 3 days of class suspension. A student having less than 60% class attendance, in a particular course of a semester shall not be allowed to sit for the final exam for the said course.
However, the Dean, before notification about the disqualification of such student from semester final examination, may consider his/her average class attendance covering all courses in that semester and allow him/her to sit for, if satisfied, with intimation to the Chairman, EC. But he/she will not get any marks for class attendance of that course.
16. Grading system
15.1 A letter grade having a specified number of grade point shall be awarded to each student for individual courses following conversion of numerical marks as shown below:
16. Grading system
16.2 Grade D is the minimum passing grade. If a student gets D or a higher grade in a course he/she will be considered to have earned the requisite credit assigned for that course.
16.3 Absence in semester final exam for course/courses will result in F grade in the concerned course(s).
16.4 Grade Point Average (GPA):
The following formula shall be used for calculation of semester GPA                  
                  Gi  = Grade point obtained in individual course(s)
Ci = Credit earned of respective courses.
16. Grading system
16.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA):
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is the weighted average of the GPAs of a student in all concerned semesters shall be calculated as follows:
Where,           Sum of,
           GPAi = Grade Point Average obtained in individual semesters
            TCi = Total credits earned of respective semesters.
Both GPA and CGPA shall be calculated up to three decimal places.
18. Academic progress, course registration at higher semester and probation
18.1 Students must maintain a GPA of 2.00 or more in each semester with at least D grade in all compulsory courses. A student having GPA of 2.00 or more in a semester final result and no F grade in any course will be eligible for registration in the next higher semester as regular student.
18.2 A student who has obtained F grade in a course or courses of any semester may be allowed to register for courses in the next semester subject to clause of probation (18.3). He/she will be treated as repeat-student until he/she clears the F grade(s) through repeat examination or course repetition (clause 19).
18. Academic progress, course registration at higher semester and probation
18.3 Academic probation: If a student is found to have accumulated, or at his/her disposal, 50 percent or more courses (theory/practical) with F grade at  (the semister) the end of Level 2 or Level 3, he/she shall be placed under academic probation.
During probation the student is debarred from enrolment for course registration at higher semester so as to enable him/her to devote full time to clear (pass) backlog courses with course repetition and repeat exam as applicable.
However, when academic probation holder students will be able to lessen his/her repeat courses below 50 percent , then he/she will be eligible for enrolment for course registration at higher semester.
18.3.1 A student under probation may be allowed to take repeat exam (clause 19) by the Dean in specific course(s) in which he/she has not taken any repeat exam earlier.
19. Repeat examination and course repetition
19.1 A student may be allowed to take repeat exam (final) to clear F grade in a course/courses in the next available semester when the concerned course(s) will be offered on regular basis (with retention of earlier in-course marks for class tests and class attendance).
19.2 The final exam for regular and repeat-students will be held on same question paper. If however it is required to be conducted on the modified and original syllabi to cater to both groups of students (regular and repeater), necessary options may be provided for in the questions by the question paper setter/EC.
19. Repeat examination and course repetition
19.3  If a student fails in a repeat exam he/she shall be required to enroll for course repetition without retaining any in-course marks; however, he/she may be allowed additional repeat exam by the Dean, if satisfied, subject to clauses of probation (18.3) and maximum time-limit for the study (7.3)
 19.4  A student shall not be permitted to take a repeat exam for the purpose of improving a grade other than F.
19.5  The record of repeat exam or course repetition will be indicated on the student's transcript against the course title followed by the word “Repeat” in parenthesis.
19. Repeat examination and course repetition
19.6 A student having a F grade in an elective or optional course may register for a substitute course if available or if situation permits instead of resorting to repeat examination or course repetition; and
19.7 If a Student is found to have F grade in any course(s) after the final examination of 8th semester she/he will be permitted to take a repeat examination for the F course(s) within 2 months (not before 01 Month) after the publication of result.
20. Withdrawal from a semester and re-admission
20.1. If a student owing to serious illness or an acceptable ground fails to sit for final exam in all courses of a semester, he/she may apply to the Dean of the Faculty through the Controller of Examination with supporting evidence within one week after the end of the semester final exam for total withdrawal from the semester with provision of re-admission/re-enrolment in it in the next semester.
20.2 A student who has been granted withdrawal from a semester, as spelled in clause 20.1, shall not be eligible for course registration in the next upper semester (of the same or different level); however, he/she can take repeat exam or enroll for course repetition to clear F grade(s), if any, of earlier semester(s).
20. Withdrawal from a semester and re-admission
20.3 If a student gets F grade in all courses of the first semester of level-1, he/she may apply to the Dean within one week of the publication of the results, for re-admission (in the level-1, semester-1) in the next academic year.
20.4 The student re-admitted on any ground will not get extra time beyond the maximum limit of 7 years, counted from the date of his/her first admission, to complete the study (clause 7.3).
21. Boycotting of exam and adoption of unfair means in the exam
21.1 Students who, in any pretext, either individually or jointly, boycott the exam or leave the exam hall unlawfully will be marked absent and put to disciplinary action under the University ordinance for that purpose.
21.2 If a student is found to be adopting unfair means in the exam (class test/final exam),   he/she shall be liable to disciplinary actions leading to
(i)   cancellation of the said exam; or
(ii)    cancellation of the results of the concerned semester he/she has been studying plus expulsion from his/her study programme for the next semester; or
(iii)   expulsion from the University as a whole, as recommended by the PSTU "Examination Disciplinary Committee" depending on the nature of the offence.
21. Boycotting of exam and adoption of unfair means in the exam
21.3 A student, expelled for adopting unfair means, shall not get extra time beyond the limit of 7 years to complete his/her study, if allowed re-admission.
21.4 A student twice expelled, shall be permanently debarred from readmission to this University.
23.Dean’s merit list and award
Names of students obtaining a GPA of more than 3.75 in both semesters of the same level (academic year), shall be included in the Dean’s list published every year in recognition of their outstanding performances, with provisions of free studentships and special merit scholarships tenable for twelve months. Academic awards may be given for superior performance based on overall final results.

A student with record of “repeat” results will not be considered for any merit award.