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People’s perception of climate change vulnerability and adaptation: Chila Union, Mongla Upazila, Bagerhat District, Bangladesh

Publication Date - 2011-11-01 00:00:00

Publication Title : People’s perception of climate change vulnerability and adaptation: Chila Union, Mongla Upazila, Bagerhat District, Bangladesh

Publicationed By : Md Nurul Amin

Publication Publication Date : 2011-11-01 00:00:00

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Climate induced changes, such as extreme cyclone, devastating tidal surges, severe floods, treacherous river erosion, excessive rainfall, and overwhelming salinity intrusion, are occurring more frequently and in an unpredictable manner across Bangladesh. This study considers community perception of climate change vulnerability and the implementation of community based adaptation strategies. Data was collected from respondents in Chila Union, Bagerhat District, Bangladesh, an area subjected to frequent climate related hazards. The mainstream scientific literature suggests that the frequency and intensity of these hazards are likely to increase due to the effects of climate change. Despite this, many of the respondents within the target communities did not recognise that hazard frequency and intensity, and thereby their exposure to some of these hazards, would be impacted by climate change. Most notably, although salinity was widely recognised as a major problem for the community – agriculture, fisheries, biodiversity, trees and plants, are all highly vulnerable – very few perceived an increased risk due to climate change. This suggests that communities such as those in Chila Union, do not foresee an increased threat from these hazards and thus may not recognise the need to further implement adaptation strategies. It was also evident from the survey that although a range of low-cost, indigenous technologies have been used as adaptation strategies within these communities, many rely exclusively or heavily on external assistance or aid, or reactive strategies, with little attempt to reduce the adverse effects of climate on their health and well …

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