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Internet of Things (IoT) Based Water Quality Monitoring System

Publication Date - 2020-08-03 00:00:00

Publication Title : Internet of Things (IoT) Based Water Quality Monitoring System

Publicationed By : Chinmay Bepery

Publication Publication Date : 2020-08-03 00:00:00

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In the coastal area of Bangladesh drinking water is short supply at everywhere for its complex   hydro-geological  forms.  Furthermore,  natural  disaster,  trans-boundary  river  issues make  safe  water  supply   difficult as compared to other portions of the country. Toxins from industrial sources may involve worry against   accomplishing all-inclusive and impartial access to protected and reasonable drinking water for the coastal areas.   it very well may be said that drinking water supply near the house is essential human right and fundamental for   leading healthy life. To lessen the water related illnesses and prevent water contamination, we need to quantify   water parameters, for example, pH, Turbidity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity. For exact observing of   water quality, we built up an IoT based water quality measurement system which is low cost and sustainable. In   this work we proposed a smart sensor interface device that can sense the water quality parameters and effectively   generate  data  in  an  online  system  for  showing  real-time  measures  of  water  quality  parameters.  It  integrates   drinking  water  quality  measurement  by  different  types  of  sensors.  These  sensors  relate  to  Arduino  for  the   purpose  of  monitoring  the  parameters  of  water  quality.  For  transmitting  the  values,  we  create  a  serial   communication between Arduino and NodeMCU which will show the data on an online system (web interface).   A QR code will be attached with every water source for accessing it easily by any user. They can scan the QR to   get  sure  whether  the  water  is  safe  to  drink  or  not.  The  Government  can  use  this  system  to  get  information  of   area’s water quality.  This system can be also implemented on agriculture related applications and in industrial   fields.  The  design,  development  and  implementation  of  an  IoT  based  system  will  help  the  authorities  take  the   necessary steps to perform proper solutions for the affected area. 

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