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Advanced Home Automation System Using Raspberry-Pi and Arduino

Publication Date - 2019-02-05 00:00:00

Publication Title : Advanced Home Automation System Using Raspberry-Pi and Arduino

Publicationed By : Chinmay Bepery

Publication Publication Date : 2019-02-05 00:00:00

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The rapid advancement of the internet of things (IoT), life is getting easier and simpler in all aspects. At present   world, automatic systems are being favored over the manual system. Today’s world automation has become an inseparable   part  of  ordinary  households  and  subjects  to  constant  evolution.  IoT  is  a  growing  network  of  conventional  object-  from   industry to consumer that can share information and complete jobs while you are involved with other activities. A smart   home  automation  system  can  help  to  have  a  centralized  method  to  control  all  home  appliances.  In  this  paper,  a  cost-effective  system  is  proposed  to  achieve  such  automation  system  based  on  IoT  concept.  All  the  devices  of  this  system  are   connected to Raspberry Pi. The proposed system also provides a facility to control all home appliances locally without the   internet via a local network. Raspberry Pi runs a web server to host a web -based control interface and a SQL database to   maintain  the  current  status  of  appliances.  The  interface  can  be  accessed  through  the  internet  or  locally  without  the   internet. Besides our automatic re-start mechanism makes the system more efficient. 

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